Welcome to Saken Hostel

Saken Hostel was Established in 1992 by Saul Spitz to supply accommodation for Contractors and Subcontractors for the past 25 years. We are situated just outside Kriel (Ga-Nala) on the R545 nearby Kriel, Matla, Duvha and Kendall Power Stations and Mines.
We have 115 Rooms that can accommodate 500+ people.

Services include: 24 Hour Security, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast. We provide Lunch Packs and Washing. We also have Self - Catering units.


Where the hard working staff can come and rest, untill the next shift. We have 115 Rooms that can accommodate 500+ people. 2 - 6 persons per room.

24 Hour Security

We provide 24Hour security and our property is securely fenced for extra peace of mind and the safety of your staff and equipment.

Ablution Facilities

We have spotlessly clean bathrooms.
There are 3 Bathrooms on our premises.
Bathroom 1 has  24 Showers and 20 Toilets.
Bathroom 2 has 7 Showers and 8 Toilets.
Bathroom 3 has 5 Showers and 4 Toilets

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